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Whole Cooked Lobsters
  • Whole Cooked Lobsters

Whole Cooked Lobsters


MSC certified from Prince Edward Island.

Canadian Lobster certified Northwest Atlantic.

and easy luxury This 'Big & Juicy' Canadian Lobster is very easy to use. It has been previously cooked so only requires defrosting by placing it in the fridge overnight ensuring that it's fully defrosted before use. As a healthy option, Lobsters are high in Iodine, Vitamin E and Selenium. Iodine contributes to normal metabolism, vitamin E contributes to cell protection and Selenium contributes to the normal function of the immune system. Our lobsters are also low in fat! Our Canadian Lobsters are caught in the icy waters surrounding the picturesque Prince Edward Island in the Northwest Atlantic. They are fished by the islands' fishermen and are cooked and frozen straight from the sea so they are as fresh as when they were first landed. Their taste is delicate and sweet and being pre-cooked they are the ultimate convenient luxury seafood.

So by preparing your Big & lobster in your own way, they make the ultimate luxury dinner or ideal indulgent snack.


Now get cracking! Love our Lobster Neptunes style.


 5 per order 


Total Weight =Approx 2.5 kg


  • The actual food product may vary slightly from the image provided!

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