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Fillet Steak
  • Fillet Steak

Fillet Steak


Our Fillet steaks are prize cuts that are wonderfully tender and full of flavour, making them a delicious treat for any occasion.

Prepared, cut and trimmed to the highest standard by our butchers, fillet steak is ultra lean with an irresistible, super-soft, buttery texture.

Our best hand-picked fillet steaks will give your steak dinner the ‘wow’ factor you’ve been waiting for.

Cook these premium steaks medium rare for the most flavoursome and rich taste.


 10 Pieces per order 


Total Weight =Approx 1.8 kg

  • To start, get your frying pan nice and hot.

    Add a drizzle of oil and sear the fillet on both sides until it's golden brown. Don't forget to do the sides as well as you'll be locking in the flavours for the final cook.

    Once seared, add two heaped spoons of butter to the frying pan along with a few sprigs of Thyme and a couple of cloves of crushed Garlic.

    Keep basting the melted butter over the Fillet for roughly 3 minutes a side for a medium rare cook.

    Rest for a couple of minutes, then enjoy! 

  • The actual food product may vary slightly from the image provided!

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